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Pacific Bluefin Tuna

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Unlike the other bluefins (Atlantic and southern),[13][14] the Pacific bluefin tuna was not considered threatened initially, resulting in a Least Concern rating in 2011. In 2014, it was found to be threatened and the status was upgraded to Vulnerable. [1][15]Overfishing is occurring in the Pacific bluefin, but overall the stock was not yet believed to be in an overfished condition in 2011. [16] In 2010, it was estimated that the complete spawning biomass was 40–60% of the historically observed spawning biomass. [1] In 2013, scientists found a drastic population decline, estimated at 96%, due to overfishing. [17] In 2000–2004, between 16,000 tonnes and 29,000 tonnes were caught per year. [1] Its wide range and migratory behavior leads to some problems, since fisheries in the species are managed by several different Regional Fisheries Management Organisations that sometimes give conflicting advice. The IUCN have recommended that the responsibility is moved to a single organisation. [1] Other recommendations include a substantial reduction of fishing of this species, especially juveniles. [1] As much as 90% of the caught Pacific bluefins are juveniles. [17]